Date Review
4/30/2012 R S

I am not into writing reviews - but this 'out of the world' customer experience makes me compelled to leave a Thank you note.

Daryl, thank you for your advise, commitment to quality and your personal service to repair my car. Meeting fair and honest people like you in this day and age, is so refreshing and such a pleasure! Hope we don't ding our car again but if any of our friends ever do, we now know who to safely send them to... Thanks again for your outstanding service!

12/30/2011 Tom F.

I read the majority of the glowing reviews about OC Bumper & Body and the owner, Daryl and thought, this was too good to be true. It has now been a couple weeks since I visited OC Bumber, met Daryl and the bumper on my 2011 Tundra was repaired. Turns out all those glowing reviews were accurate.

Daryl's honesty was much appreciated and so far the quality of work is great. It is always nice to encounter reputable common sense minded business person that would rather suggest the most logical path than get the max on a job. I do business in the same fashion and rarely see it in others.

Thanks Daryl!

12/29/2011 Jaemi S.

Brought in my brand new Lexus RX 350 that had a front grill/hood damage due to some dumb kids throwing bricks over the freeway overpath. After stopping by different body shops and also viewing reviews on Yelp, I chose to stop by OC Bumper and Body and check them out. Daryl was very helpful and informative. He gave me detailed information on what the repair would be and what to expect. After almost a week and half, I received my car back and it looked brand new. They had replaced the grill, the hood, and also the latch bar for the hood. The paint on the hood looked great and everything looked great.

My only recommendations would be for them to have a better way of dealing with the rental car companies. I know other shops where they shuttle the clients to the rental car shops and when you return the car, you just return it at the shop. It would be nice if they could also help to ensure that the insurance company not only covers the repairs but also help with the rental car. I had some problems with the insurance company and the rental car, which is not OC Bumper and Body's fault. But it would of been nice. Overall, I had a great experience. Both Jimmy and Darryl are very helpful and on top of things. The product, which was our Brand New 2011 RX 350, came out the same as when we had first bought it.

9/14/2011 dh H.

These guys are awesome, super friendly and honest.

Brought my car in to get bumper re-attached. They were able to do it in a few hours, and it looked as good as new. Daryl said it was a quick fix for them and wouldn't accept any payment for the job. I was quite surprised with his honesty and kindness. highly recommended

9/8/2011 W L.

I never write reviews, but this place definitely merits one.

The service is INCREDIBLE. I did not make a mistake when I went to this body shop to fix the dent on my left fender (due to the fault of another party). I was given some pointers on insurance and how to handle the repairs if it happens again (Buddha forbid). I dropped my car off on Thursday (9/1) and was told that due to the large work requests, they wouldn't be able to start working on my car until Tuesday after Labor Day. It would take about 5 working days and they didn't work on weekends.

I got a call on Tuesday (9/6) saying there were done with the repairs already! I was pleasantly surprised and was able to pick up my car on Wednesday, and it looked great. The owners even saw I had a lame keyring to attach my keys to and gave me another one, haha. Excellent service, excellent quality. I would recommend this place to anyone :)

8/19/2011 M P.
No wonder these guys have 5-stars and 60+ reviews. I won't bore you with the details, but I will say that these guys are were quick, honest, professional, and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for?
8/11/2011 Rey D.

I didn't use there service as my damage was very challenging on my Land Rover. But I have to say they helped by referring me to a body shop in fountain valley that specialized in the kind of damage I had on my Land Rover.

The were still able to save me $$$ through this referral. I appreciate that and the honesty they provided me, Thank you OC Bumper and Body!

8/7/2011 julie o.
OC Bumper & Body was phenomenal in fixing the front bumper of my car. I went in absolutely apprehensive and with only the thin hope that the yelp reviews would be truthful and I'd get somewhat decent service. Daryl, the owner, was far more helpful than I had ever expected. He returned a pristine car to me and he also gave extremely valuable pointers about insurance. I don't want to hype OC Bumper & Body, yet there's no other way I can say it: they're solid gold in terms of craftsmanship, service, and price. Of course, I'd rather never have to go back to get my car fixed, but if I do they're the ones I'd go to in a heartbeat.
8/2/2011 Justin A.

Almost two months to the day after bringing my car in for rear bumper work, a *close relative* (who evidently inherited her driving skills from the Asian side of the family) hit the same exact part that Jimmy, Daryl, and crew fixed not sixty days before. Fortunately for me, I have OC Bumper & Body saved in my phonebook under " Reliable enough to depend on in Prison". I think I spent more time laughing with Jimmy on the phone over the silliness of the coincidence than it took OC B&B to order and receive the part.

Once again, it took me like two and a half weeks to finally make it down there, which, given the several appointments I made and missed, is another star for them for being so accommodating. Finally made it down there, got to hang out with Daryl and Jimmy for about a half hour, which was bittersweet because while it does mean they do quick (and high quality) work, it also means you have no excuse to continue your conversation with them without looking sorta...weird.

I don't have the invoice on me, but if I recall correctly the part is about $50, and I paid like $60. Beats blue book labor prices up and down the block, and i got to hang out with two of the most upstanding gentlemen (especially in their given profession) I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, I'm looking forward to bringing the sis--er, *relative's* car down to them next week. Hell, I might have her run into my car again, just to feel that great gooey feeling inside for finding a great body shop all over one more time.

7/31/2011 A L.

I am always amazed at acts of kindness, and my experience with Jimmy was no exception. Perhaps even more than amazing since it was so unexpected. I have always regarded auto mechanics with some skepticism, probably because I know nothing about cars and am completely reliant on their advice, bad or not. Imagine my surprise when Jimmy not only diagnosed my problem correctly, but then didn't even charge me for the part, much less his labor! I was utterly flabbergasted.

A year after my car door was repaired by a mechanic who I since discovered was no longer in business, it started acting up with warning indicator lights and beeping at high freeway speeds and over bumps. Jimmy noticed right away that a bolt was missing and the door was misaligned. After two short painless visits, I was back on the road without having to hold my car door shut with one hand. My Prius is much more happy now.

Thank you, Jimmy!

7/21/2011 Christine K.

The fact that an auto repair shop has all five stars (with over 50 reviews) speaks for itself. I can vouch for the 5 star status since I took my car in earlier today to get the front bumper fixed (a few months ago, I managed to drive straight into a stray tire on the 5 fwy - ugh!)

Daryl took a look at the bumper and said it was an easy/quick fix but all his guys were currently busy. So what did he do? He fixed it for me! Daryl is such a sweetheart and genuinely cares about his customers. He is not the typical greedy auto shop owner that gouges you at every opportunity.

I will definitely take my car back to OC Bumper & Body (I hope not in the near future!) since I've had just a great experience. The best part was that they didn't even charge me for the minor fix. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for a great quality, HONEST repair shop.

Thank you OC Bumper and Body!

7/6/2011 Stephan Y.

A friend of mine T-BONED my G35 COUPE...

We didnt know where to take it....but after a quick search on YELP...we found out that OC BUMPER AND BODY was the place to go...and it was the BEST PLACE TO GO. With over 50+ reviews of ALL 5 STARS....how could you go wrong??

In the beginning, it took awhile for me to find this spot...this is one of those place where you have to go through some lefts and some rights to find the location...sort of like a mini-maze in the parkways. Anywho...I dropped my car off and spoke to guy at the front desk. Never have I met a mechanic/worker from a body shop that had smiled so much. It was clear that this guy loved his job and was clearly identifiable that this location had great customer service. Usually when you go to auto shops or dealerships...everyone has a -_______- on their face. They have an expression or "oh great another customer....lets see how fast I can get rid of this guy" or an expression of "I hate my life...when is the day going to be over." Well this certainly doesnt happen with the guys at OC BUMPER AND BODY. Everyone that I met had a great sense of humor and presented them very professionally.

Anywho...the guy checked out my car and gave me an estimate of how much everything was going to cost. I got the estimate and then he told me that the car would be done in about 4-5 days.

4-5 days later...

My car was ready. I first went to ENTERPRISE to drop off my rental...and they were also kind enough to drop me off in front of the OC BUMPER AND BODY location. I came to the office a little bit early because I had to return the ENTERPRISE car before they closed. OC BUMPER AND BODY also mentioned that if THEY WOULD RETURN THE CAR FOR ME AT NO ADDITIONAL COST...COOL RIGHT?

Anyways, I talked to the guy at the front, he recognized me, as did the other workers in the office. Even though I came earlier than the time expected to be finished...my CAR WAS DONE!

He walked me outside to my car...showed and explained to me what they did to fix the car...I think he even washed my car for me as well!




6/21/2011 Megan H.

Rewind a few weeks and there was a group of girls standing outside my parking space so I had to make a sharper angle than usual getting in. Parking fail. First was the scraping sound, then the cumulative "oooohhh nooo" from the group that had contributed to my predicament, and finally the spine chilling realization that I had probably just pissed away a s*** ton of cash. All I could think was, "gdamn.. there goes buying myself a new ipad..."

After trying unsuccessfully to calmly accept my loss, I called Daryl at OC Bumper & Body to get it fixed. Just picked up my car and it's like those girls were never standing in front of my parking space in the first place. Lesson learned, next time I will run them over.

Daryl was the man, he looked at the damage and gave me all the options. I went with the cheapest alternative and the results still blew my mind away. Very friendly, very accommodating to your schedule, very honest, and very good at what they do.

6/21/2011 Richard S.

I was involved in an accident and brought my car to OC Bumper and Body. I've never been to a garage like this; Jimmy, who was working the front desk was polite, friendly and humorous and helped me through my whole process insurance, fixing the car and everything. During the whole insurance process, he called multiple times to check up on everything to make sure things were going MY way, and to make sure the process was going smoothly.

My car ended up being totalled, so there was not any work for them to do but still Jimmy was extremely nice and still kept helping me. He offered to take off expensive parts that are still working for me to keep before the salvage truck came on his own time! I ended up spending no money out of my pocket and they stilled treated me like a customer.

I waited for two and a half hours for the salvage truck to come and they kept me in good company making sure I was ok and kept me company.

I have seen other work OC Body and Bumper has done and their work is grade A work. Although my car was not worked on by them I still will give five stars because of the friendliness, and their willingness to help.

Thanks OC Body and Bumper! Their service honestly makes me want to go back just to hang out there and talk with the workers.

6/7/2011 jerico i.

So my truck got hit in a parking lot as an asian lady tried to park into an empty spot next to me. She broke the whole left taillight assembly and did some body damage as well as to the bumper. Sigh.

I brought in my truck to get it fixed and it came out like nothing happened to it. There were ZERO signs of any imperfections. I am a happy customer! It did take longer than expected but the results were worth it!

Lesson learned...if you have a nice car/truck, try to park away from everyone else even if you have to walk a mile. This applies especially in Westminster Asian plazas (were my truck got hit) hahhaha.

5/2/2011 Richard S.

Usually when you start talking about automotive repair places, the first thing you think about are all the bad experiences you have had at other mechanics and/or repair places .I am sure if you talk to enough of your friends or coworkers, there is guaranteed to be (at least) one horror story of the extreme case of shady and dishonest practices. If you can imagine the exact opposite of that worse case scenario... then you have OC Bumper & Body. The guys at OC Bumper & Body are without any doubt the friendliest, honest, and hard working people I have ever seen at an auto repair garage.

I brought my car in after have an unfortunate incident where my bumper was introduced to some construction debris left in the middle of the highway thereby completely jacking my bumper up. Jimmy, the guy whom I dealt with the overwhelming majority of the time, took a look and deemed it couldn't be repaired. They placed the order for the bumper and various other parts immediately. After a couple of work days plus the weekend, my replacement parts arrived and I dropped my car off. Couple of days later, I call to check in and they let me know that my car should be ready to pick up after work that day. I picked up my car and the work was amazing. My car's front end looks brand new again.

OC Bumper & Body made this whole ordeal painless, simple, and worry free from start to finish. Everyone there is really that good. I hope this never happens again, but if it does (knock on wood), I know exactly where to take my car for body work and it will be one less thing I will have to worry about. I cannot recommend these guys enough and I would like to give kudos to Jimmy... he was awesome in taking care of me and my car.

4/12/2011 remie m.

OMG!!!!!!!!! these guys are the greatest!

Daryl and Jim are awesome. . .

Super friendly and know exactly what they are doing!!!

My car took a wk 2 fix only b/c they didn't like how the bumper the dealer sent them. . .they wanted it to be perfect! Which is fine by me!

They only use genuine dealer parts not aftermarket.

Their communication was excellent.

My car looks completely brand new! I love it!

Highly recommend them!

1/13/2011 kristen m.

These guys are THE BEST.

I got into a fender bender back in April 2010 and found them on Yelp. As everybody mentions, they are straight up and honest and do great work. But it's more than that.

Cut to Jan 2011, 7 months later, when the paint on my bumper is peeling in the most ugly way. I thought it was very strange but attributed it to my having run over a LARGE spring-like object that fell off a truck in front of me on the freeway. I didn't know why the paint was peeling off instead of being scratched up, but decided to take it back to OC Bumper & Body for another paint job. I was fully ready and willing to pay for it, but they took one look at it and said it was because of a special treatment the manufacturer applied to the rubber bumper, and said they would repaint it for FREE!! I didn't ask for it, I didn't even mention it; they volunteered to make it right.

AND in the process, they even fixed the underside of the bumper where the spring-like object had damaged the bumper itself. AGAIN FOR FREE.

When they say they warranty their work, they mean it. And they do it with a smile and great friendly service!

If you are anywhere within a 30 mile radius of OC Bumper & Body, this is THE BEST and ONLY place you want to trust your baby to. Daryl and Jim are ROCK STARS!!

12/9/2010 Rohit N.

I have used their services for two major repairs and one review for someone else. In all the three cases, they have been very reasonable and quick to response. The first time I took my car there, they did tell me that they will take long, as they had lot of cars before me, but the work done was up to what they had promised, all this while their estimated price was hell lower than the dealers and they did not change their estimates.

In once case, where my head light had to be changed, they provided me on-the-spot service for later adjustments.

Not only that, the wonderful owner had also provided me valuable information regarding how to best use my insurance and other things, as this was the first time I was involved in a minor accident.

If they are not able to do something they will come clear and tell it at the very start and not waste your time or money.

I will definitely recommend them.

7/17/2010 Lauren S.

I went in here to get an estimate on my mercedes and I was immediately impressed with the shop owner and his professionalism. Without a doubt one of the BEST most honest bodyshop I have ever had the opportunity of working with. Daryl is just as sweet and honest as the other reviewers have stated and I can honestly say that I will always recommend him to anyone I know that needs bodywork. If you are looking for someone that has a great attitude, exceptionally knowledgable and cares about their work ethic go to this man!

The bodyshop is located off irvine center drive across the street from verizon amphitheater and wild rivers, if you need a great place to go in the OC this is the place.

Daryl will ease your mind if you come in with hesitance or cynicism, he truly is a great guy. I cannot say enough good things about this man, this is the way all body shops should be ran.

5/19/2010 Sean Reis Owner
OC Bumper & Body and I have shared walls in the Irvine Auto Center for the last 4 years. In that time I have come to respect Daryl both as a business man and technician. His honesty and friendliness is second to none and I have no hesitation in asking him to work on our customers cars or to refer our customers to him. He personally inspects every repair to make sure it meets his highest standards that our customers demand and will not let a car go until he is 100% satisfied. No matter what.
5/4/2010 Lisa T.

Yes, this place is as great as everyone has shared. I came to OC Bumper & Body after reading all the reviews below. I met Daryl who was super kooky with his adorable accent. He was speedy fast to give me an estimate and another estimate to show price difference when repainting as oppose to replacing. It was great. He was very accommodating too.

Overall, Daryl provided a speedy, friendly service that can't be beat else where. He also let my bf play with his toy race cars :)

5/3/2010 Grant Johnson Service manager
About 7 years ago, I met Daryl at on of our car shows. He introduced himself to me and gave me his business card. For sometime, I was having difficulty finding someone to do repairs to our customers cars so I thought I will give him a test. I asked him to go to a customers house to repair a front fender on a jaguar XJ 220($375 000.00). I had nothing to loose by asking him. The next day he called me to say the job was done. I called our customer to find out if he was satisfied and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the he was extremely happy with the repair and the professionalism Daryl displayed while working on his collectable car. The rest is history. From that time on, Daryl has become a regular at our dealership taking care of our customers cars. I had finally found someone whom I could trust with these expensive cars and delicate repairs.
3/5/2010 Steve Johnson Service Director
Since 1998 , Daryl has been servicing our dealership doing touch up and minor paint repairs . During this time , he has giving our customers the highest quality service possible and maintained the service excellence demanded by Lexus . His quality of repairs , reliability and honesty is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him anyone who requires his services .
1/4/2010 kev l. Laguna Hills
Excellent service. Will definitely go there again if I need their service.